F package

F package

&Nbsp;  price: 12999, straight cash reduction: 4000 RMB,  now on sale: 8999

"makeup"   professional makeup 6 Group, filmed the entire process with the makeup.  

"wedding dress"   provides new dress 6 sets (containing customers bring their own clothes).  

"shoot number"   digital files over 23 0   (all shot files free of charge)

"PS   " finish, color, publishing 100 sheets (containing the following subsidiary product number)  

"shooting time"  2 days  


    ★  12 x 16 inch   in one luxurious glass crystal PVC album      

    ★  10 x 15 inch   Crystal love glazed PVC      

    ★  8 x 12 inch   one PVC      

    ★  6 x 9 inch   one PVC (home)   This  

"subsidiary products"  

    ★  24x36 inch   Italy classic oil painting framed     site  

    ★  20 x 24  Korea Crystal photo frame     site  

    ★  12 x 16 inch   Black Eagle Crystal   a   a  

    ★  8 x 12 inch   amber Crystal   a   a  

    ★   heart-shaped ice crystal      

    ★   rotation Crystal   a   a  

    ★   four-piece suit suitcase    a   a  

    ★   wallet photos   two    

    ★  DVD Stereo 3D photo album   a   a  

    ★   CD     (containing all the digital negatives)  

"shooting cost" we only charge a one-time shot cost, zero consumption in the late, remove the guests worries!  

"payment method" 30% in advance as deposit, filmed the same day pay the balance at  .

the "other" this offer attraction tickets, and exterior fares, tolls, fuel cost. Staff lunch by newcomers who.  

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