E packages

E packages

&Nbsp;   original 8599 Yuan, straight cash reduction 2600 Yuan, current price is 5999 Yuan

"makeup"   professional makeup 5 group, filmed the entire process with the makeup.

"wedding dress"   provides new clothes 5 sets (including customers bring their own clothes)

"shoot number"   digital files 230 or more   (all shot files free of charge)

"PS   "   finishing, color, publishing 80 sheets (containing the following subsidiary product number)

"shooting time"  2  days                     

"the album"

     ★  12 x 16 inch   in one luxurious glass crystal PVC albums

     ★  10 x 15 inches in one Deluxe Leather PVC

     ★  6 x 9 inch   one PVC (family album)

"subsidiary products"

     ★  24 x 36 inch   Italy imports oil painting framed     site

     ★  18 x 24 inch   Italy imports oil painting framed     site

     ★  12 x 16 inch   namina print     site

     ★   rotation Crystal    

     ★  8 x 10 inch   Emerald Crystal    

     ★   wallet photos   two  

     ★  DVD Stereo 3D photo album    

     ★   CD     (containing all the digital negatives)

"shooting cost" we charge only a one-time shot cost, zero consumption in the late, remove the guests worries!

"payment method" 30% in advance as deposit, filmed the same day pay

"the      he" exterior of this package contains the required drivers and their vehicles, exterior transportation, entrance tickets. New lunch costs for staff members responsible for.

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