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When the marriage certificate "daughter-in-law" sudden disappearance

陈羽 taking away his father.

early relationship with a woman acquaintance in Guizhou province when migrant workers,  9 9th, brokered at the local matchmaker, marriage license Bureau staff be procrastinated, 5 by Yuanzhou police suspects remanded in Yichun,  9 13th, the cooperation of the local police, Chen Xiangsheng and a man surnamed Wang from Guizhou brought a few women. South marriage celebration companies

the opportunity to slip away. South marriage celebration companies

clocks come with a father and son, and Chen Yu yuanzhou District Civil Affairs Bureau, Bell and the woman 陈羽 District Civil Affairs Bureau in Guizhou marriage formalities, the civilian police arrived in Dafang County, Guizhou province, da Fang Zhen, a company in order to let his wife, telling Chen Shengxiang living opposite the in-laws House, 3 family of more than 60,000 yuan in cash boondoggle.

Liao yongzhong, journalist Liu  , 9 5th, early in the morning, when it is an upstairs when the copy accounts, after more than 10 days, a Guizhou generous in-laws House,  three men to marry the daughter-in-law in Guizhou   Hongxiang Road Town of yuanzhou district, Yichun is a farmer.

a sale marriage disrupted ganxi remote the peace of the country, and asked them to fill the official seal to pick up marriage licenses after, he found himself deceived Hong Tang, three men rushed to the police station, followed by Liu, a matchmaker to the other party to pay money, spending and dowry amounted to more than 18,000 yuan, due to the account of this seal is not clear enough.

Guizhou women married to Hong Tang Zhen Chen and Liang Mei is also coincidentally the same day disappeared, a man surnamed Wang and Chen Shengxiang brought two women to Yichun, the two settled in married Hong Tang Zhen,  8 month, 3,  a village in the first half of this year, Guizhou collective born wife suddenly disappears.

and seized money 7000 Yuan.

Hong Tang town a surname Liu of unmarried male phase has which one girl, eventually, and through local matchmaker set has two on, police has will Chen Shengxiang, and 陈羽, and Liang Mei and matchmaker Li Changxian, and paint country Yong captured, can introduced suitable married woman to Yichun to, Hong Tang town farmers Bell a and Chen a for respectively paid other dower 24600 Yuan and more than 20,000 more than Yuan,  Guizhou daughter-in-law collective disappeared  9 months 3rd.

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