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Wedding why spell luxury to get happy

Many young people feel that the wedding is a once in a lifetime, really not much in the hearts, minds, and especially the bride, many newspapers published keen to star fat cat luxury wedding. Nantong wedding photography

gives special meaning to the wedding. Nantong wedding photography

Although these wedding also has sensational, emotional pieces.

and how to deal with? Everyone has their own way of human, material and financial resources are lost.

is a pension retirement provides not more, take the form of students, colleagues, stewards, frugal wedding, get very embarrassed, and only half.

I have been married for more than 10 years, takes human, material and financial resources to participate in the mass wedding, double happiness, I married the son of a relative, new dress, for example.

after the wedding, will not only appreciate the parents is not easy, because it does not dacaodaban.

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