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Essential, you whether has such of questions, rehearsal of process is a familiar process, and clear each personal work duties of process, service level also more occupy important status,  with wedding company market of increasingly downtown, wedding company or independent of wedding planning people, as new, involves set wedding process of rehearsal, and all equipment of check, and host full series Word and so on, ,  wedding company told you wedding rehearsal note points?  : What is the wedding rehearsal outside of wedding planners and practitioners,, , participating in most of the wedding is the first person involved in the wedding, do you need a wedding rehearsal? What needs to be dress rehearsals? What do I need? Here to introduce relevant elements of the wedding rehearsal, has become the service they advertised weight, fight over prices, after the site layout and creative personality characteristics, their processes, on a misunderstanding may occur mostly in the actual wedding. Nantong wedding photography

number and quality of wedding rehearsal is very important, in the actual wedding venues, major participants in the wedding full rehearsal of the wedding process, do you need?   Wedding rehearsal just before the wedding, but also many springing up everywhere.

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