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"Sago couple" Fu Xin Bo puxiaomin Korean style wedding photos

Korea MBC reality show we got married, the birth of the imaginary couple, couples, including sweet potato couple, Adam and his wife, whales, which Pooh and his wife Victoria and Nichkhun, the Sino-Thai cross-couple has been influenced by Korean fans in hot pursuit. Recently, a transnational imaginary celebrity couple was born, new generation of singers from China Fu Xin Bo and Korea girl group t-ARA Member puxiaomin on Valentine's day first hand, attracted the attention of fans! Fans name their sago couples in China, meaning Xin Hemin homophonic. The following, Sanya wedding photography to bring you appreciate the Sago couple romantic Korean wedding photos!

       day, "sago couple" Fu Xin Bo and puxiaomin for two sets of clothing, Fu Xin Bo is a typical Korean style Plaid suit with Prince-like white suit, puxiaomin is-wrapped fish and Princess Tutu dress, intended to create a fresh, natural, romantic style of Korean wedding.




sago couple is very professional, but when both eyes at close range shooting, two shy people are a little overwhelmed, kind of shy feeling reminiscent of the first time young and naïve.


February in Korea is very cold, the transnational couple despite the language barrier, but does not affect the couple's tacit cooperation, Fu Xin Bo and puxiaomin work very seriously, listen to the photographer on site and instructions, like a couple in love, looked at each other and hand in hand, and romantic.



       "sago couple" Fu Xin Bo and puxiaomin first appeared in celebrity couple, it is inevitable that some nervous and shy, they had met on the first day of arranged their wedding photos.


2 days time is limited, but sago and his wife also have a relationship in the short, friendship or ignorant of the love, the feeling when you can let them back in the future, face suffused with a bit of sweetness.

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