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Of the lovelorn 33 day alert wedding 4 big misunderstanding

"Singles" customized healing since November 8 national release of the movie the lovelorn 33 days since is very popular with young people's favorite. The protagonists in the film in the background is a wedding services company in Beijing, mostly for new people getting married and planning and realization of a new mind in most romance a happy day. Sanya wedding photography and now to share the wedding preparations for the 3 big mistakes.




1. claim to be concrete and practicable:

protagonists as a wedding company staff in contact with customers – sweet worships money and women, Li Ke (Zhang Zixuan decoration), the article lines describes its "that woman sitting there, seems a dream, a mouth, all in his sleep. "Explain the appeal of the new are eccentric and impractical, while the wedding couple dream come true body, but they are not what the creator, such as with the appearance of meteor shower was way too difficult and meaningless. So new at claims time to carefully consider the feasibility of and sometimes unnecessary and superfluous difficult requirements to the wedding.



alert wedding 4 big misunderstanding


but the material girl, Li Ke the embodiment of the claims above are new hires to learn, from the appearance of the clothing choices, jewelry mix, to live music and a selection of wedding cakes, and even wedding dishes on your eating habits can put forward a very specific, these specific demands will make more careful this wedding more perfect.


2. a husband and wife do more communication and coordination

still worships money and women, Li Ke, at 4, 5 o'clock heroes discussion with her fiance in the film when appropriate on a wedding video views, article: "doing this I also for some years, before the wedding the couple breakdown I'm not uncommon. Man was the woman's requirements of those 250 push anti-regret, the woman regret. Desperately behind hips, this result is not a dream, said this didn't mean anything, lessons and share them with you. "Very sharp reveals many new people in the tragic ending when dealing with differences of opinion on the details of the wedding.




while everyone is happy romantic wedding is filled with longing and want to, but, after all, is two things, and it's as a couple facing a big challenge. The obvious fantasy women demand more strongly than men, that means men in need of some concessions, but once women ask men willing to take concessions beyond the bottom line, then the above crumbling situation there. Ranging from fighting to complain, then go their separate ways. Between husband and wife should do more communication and coordination. Is not an alarmist.


3. attention to the guests ' emotional

This is important, serious impact on the normal wedding perfect and Word of mouth. There are two descriptions of films with scenes related to the wedding guests, one article for the female lead in someone else's wedding to her ex-boyfriend's embarrassing; the second is actress reminds customers responsible for outdoor wedding venue will allow guests to bask in the heat.


first scene was due to new the alien friends emotional state causes, just imagine the wedding day in episode one thing certain. In order to make the wedding with no regrets, then responsible for controlling site guests emotional presence. The second scenario is to remind us not to focus too much on self show, ignoring friends ' feelings. You know, your wedding will be on someone else's mouth for a long time, good or bad would say for a long time.

4. respect for the staff

recent high-end custom, customized private label wedding company after another, exclusive team service, high-end premium enjoy the advertising slogan for the new awareness of people causing some errors. Of customer-facing in the film truly, male and female revenge and therefore also the United Front. In real life, but if there is no doubt brought huge obstacles to couple to their wedding.


Although wedding planning company to earn new money, but private custom does not mean that the other person is your slave. To understand your employment relationship. Believe in the basics of polite manners you know more than the author, and do not appear in the film's plot.

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