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Humorous wedding vows that you hold the audience

&Nbsp;    read out the oath at a wedding is a very warm and very romantic thing, but seems to have a certain sameness, and how to be memorable? Sanya wedding photography studio to take stock today, those funny wedding vows.

     Paris of lovers among, he to she of married vows is: "I with life's, don't wants to have too complex, without wants to other, if you sorry said words, I let you select: a, and I agreed immediately married; II, and even not agreed also to said agreed, then married; three, and if need time consider, on to day time consider, then again married, selected's......"

live action:

you and the folks who, today, is my wife and newlywed's wedding day, after a few race each other hard, today's combination is really easy. Therefore, in order to remember this moment and cherish the happy marriage, let his wife's family trust, for friends and family members to rest assured, sworn in as it is now:

        first, adhere to the absolute leadership of the wife. House wife is always the first, children the second puppy third, my fourth.

Second, seriously implement the "four sons" principle, like his wife, mother-in-law as a dutiful son, eat like a mosquito, working like a donkey.

        third, cruelty to wives, husband of civilization, so that "do not strike back, calling the questions, smiling faces welcome cold faces.

Finally, sincerely accept the authoritarian wife emotionally, "don't talk to strangers" and, in particular, with strange women talking. Of course, except the old lady asked for directions.

        v, adhere to the system of wage bonuses all paid. Do not alter wage, not hidden in the closet. However, incidental expenses can apply for and receive 500 Yuan a month. Brackets, Yen.

last, to respond positively to "six-egg" call. Only to see his wife's face, before going out to kiss cheeks, sleep close to the face. Old, never called her "preserved egg", my wife called "asshole", I "sucks".

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