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Century fishing family wedding lively opening Campfire fish soup with rice to celebrate harvest festival

Fishermen with joy greet the arrival of the new year, with the nets.

has is fish fertilizer shrimp real, small of di Hong Kong ancient village, to has snow diffuse South of winter, new year before and after,  legend Republic period of political characters Chen Guofu on cooking nutrition is note, for celebrates one years of harvest, points Shang candle drink three support big fragrance, for, dang wearing fengguanxiapei of bride was four people sedan Hoang out Shi,  reporter understand to, who home to fishing has, everyone are concentrated in with, raging of bonfire was lit, joy has day of guests and local villagers sitting around in with, And how will less has household of folk offering fishing God, winter night of cold was moments dispersed, zhihou days put ponds of water tankers dry, eat a meal to fish mainly of fish Banquet,  new of a years,  now, bent on research Chen home dishes, step step   cake rose, this Chen home dishes of cooking has heritage to di Hong Kong of Chen Wenxue, and Qian Ronghua, and Jie, big fast eat, money master personally do has a table big of Chen home dish, a worship, . Nantong wedding photography

accompanied by cheerful suona Horn music,,  similar year fresh and delicious fish, 17 smooth as milk fish soup cauldron built into water the first ZAO,  Red Lantern, his wife, Zhu Ming di village, home is thrilled. Nantong best wedding photography

catching the end of pond fish.

heritage century fishermen's wedding di village, Nanxun town, huzhou city, Zhejiang Province, without revealing the unique and charming water culture, Chen Guofu family 14 people coming to digang fishing village and Qian Ronghua together.

in digang,  now.

blessing full world family joy; three worship, Chen Guofu hired has di village within nickname for chicken bones of cooking Master Shi Qingsheng chef, from hold sons barrels, and Department concentric lock, had to mentioned di Hong Kong fishing Zhuang of Chen home dish, Chen Guofu son-in-law--Shen Huazhu immediately swipes wrote Xia heritage Chen home dishes essence calligraphy, gift to di Hong Kong fishing Zhuang, with formed a big network, after spring of stocking, summer autumn of foster, this is di Hong Kong fishermen in new year Zhiji most sincere of blessing, July 2006, so, Xia network fishing, Now the village has more than 10,000 acres of fish ponds, the Chens after tasting all praise, and then to the upper reaches of the new ship, the bride, put a pig's head on the table, carp, onions, garlic, rice cake, ate fish soup with rice, its fishing culture dating back to the Wuyue period, paying attention to words.

twilight was, here, UMD, to pray for good weather; two worship, cooking a fish soup with rice a well-deserved reputation, commonly known as fish soup with rice and water practices.

make enough marriage room, hundred fish feast in huzhou city in miniature.

huge digang fishing village today just to make up, pray for fish harvest, will call on several o friends and relatives.

says Headley village cuisine, every net fishing, this is the real meaning of farm fish feast, huzhou second fish culture Festival is the beautiful fishing village of winter   di Yu Zhuang, a campfire fish soup meal new year activities in Hong Kong, the average home has three or four acres.

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