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Around the reunion theme of harmonious development

held 2007 China Yichun Moon mountain first moon culture section cum trade activities week,  the Moon culture section total 16 items content, project after has Moon culture section organizing Committee and the project group of carefully selected and arrangements, are has rich of connotation and high of making, around reunion harmony development of theme, activities specific arrangements following: with tours a round moon, (reporter Jia Fang)  . Nantong best wedding photography

promoting the development of Yichun, every project around the Moon culture, the city sought to trade Moon culture Festival and weeks into the city's business card, company event, investment platforms, public holidays. Nantong best wedding photography

is a municipal party Committee and municipal government following the deployment of three campaigns after a major policy decision made by,  Director of Kaleidoscope of exciting   through joint efforts from all walks of life in the city to realize sharing.

from today to September 26 (lunar new year in early August 10 to 16).

held this activities, will conducive to build city card, is people concern of 2007 China Yichun Moon mountain first moon culture section cum trade activities week today Grand opening, has great of ornamental and can participation sex, build harmony Yichun, build harmony community opening cum Moon culture community square literary party Yu September 20 8:00 in Yuan Shan Park Wu has training square held; sweet meimei celebrates reunion Mid-Autumn Festival food big exhibition Yu September 20 to September 26 in drum Street held ; Moon representative I of heart Moon culture children exhibition Yu September 21 to 26th in champion Chau youth activities center carried out; Moon reflected Scarlett Moon mountain tourism image Ambassador Moon Miss selection activities Yu September 21 9:00 in Yichun Sports Center held; home months more Ming Moon culture photography, and calligraphy works exhibition Yu September 22 to 26th in Yichun College Gallery held; Moonlight Xia of dream fashion name auto show Yu September 22 to 26th in Yichun Sports Center held ; Proximity boutique real estate exhibition Yu September 22 to 26th in Yichun Sports Center held; show River spent Moonlight show River put load Lantern Yu September 23 8:00 in show River on both sides of held; end total at mid-Autumn Festival Moon Fireworks party Yu September 24 8:00 in moon mountain spa landscape places district days Mu spa resort square held; Elixir collective wedding Yu September 25 9:18 in Yuan Shan Park Wu has training square held; booming make Mid-Autumn Festival Mid-Autumn Festival worship months, and Dragon Chase months, and Fireworks party ( Three projects) Cruzeiro at the drum tower square on September 25 from 8:00 sport centre; similar to Yichun project promotion will be held on the morning of September 26 Orchard manors; refrain from Yichun far merchant visit three regions was held on September 25; partings and the closing ceremony-cum-Moon mountain night song of the month big gala held in Yichun Sports Center Gymnasium on September 26 at 8:00.

construction of Jiangnan ecological and leisure city further expansion of nin ...

enhance the Yichun visibility; building investment platforms, through a series of exciting programs.

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