When Karen announced the end of 17 years of Germany who first married Johannes

Karen Mok, fresh gossip, in last night's Taiwan "Golden Melody Awards" ceremony WINS for a second "best Chinese female singer" award moment suddenly announced on stage at the age of 17 in Germany who first love at the end of the marriage, news quickly spread throughout the entertainment circle. Early Yu December 09, reporter had took to just composite of Karen and Johannes appeared in the ring dating, but at Karen still Caine said with Johannes is General friends relationship; Shenzhen wedding photography reportedly Karen in 17 age Yu Italy attended language school Shi familiar Johannes, two people fell in love one years Hou for their to home makes romance died, but yesterday micro-Bo Shang has users played burst Johannes Yu last married Yu has three name children, 07 magazine Karen's private diaries, which revealed that first boyfriend is gay will break up.

this year 41 age of Karen (Karen) last night in awards ceremony Shang announced end of with 17 age Shi of Germany nationality first lover Johannes married, two people apart 24 years Hou again continued front, was old aifengdelun (micro-Bo) and the many circle in the friend sent Shang blessing, however yesterday is breaking its fiance had is "gay", fortunately also didn't effect to Karen of mood, yesterday from Taiwan fly arrived returned Hong Kong of she revealed October far to two people early met of Italy married, is sweet!

Italy salute Church

Karen Mok told reporters after the ceremony the previous night calling access reporter congratulating her, her romantic, "said Shenzhen wedding photography congratulations to me which one? (Double luck! ) Thank you! Johannes and my age, in Germany in the financial industry! (When compound? ) Two years ago, we meet from time to time in the old reunion, two months ago he looked nervously, holding a ring wedding photography in Shenzhen proposed to me, I think it is the right time, and while so happy winners announced tonight (marriage), and everyone is happy, HA HA! "It is reported that Karen received the ring diamond ring, wedding photography wedding venue in Shenzhen are two classmates often play in Florence, around the Church.

Karen in awards ceremony Hou no time call body in Germany of fiance news, honor of she is in yesterday Xia afternoon 5:30 deliberately back Hong Kong and Qian generated day of Mo parent celebrates, Karen in airport revealed Shenzhen wedding photography will Yu October far to Italy held wedding, sisters mission is several circle outside friend, and invited have designer friend Johanna HO for its design wedding, should will in Hong Kong fill please relatives eat meal rice. Because Karen's future work overwhelming, so it does not work, having a baby is going.

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