Wedding: order regulating food knowledge

Want low cost of the wedding, from wedding dishes work on individual projects don't spend much money, but know the wedding process, only to find that wedding menu has many, adding up to no small number of, so start from the fine to let economic and romantic wedding guest satisfaction.

order regulating food knowledge

wedding is a wedding in the main event, cost is enormous. While the old saying wedding supplies at fixed price, you can save money is the hard truth.

location: convenient for relatives and friends to attend the wedding banquet

selection   wedding location not too remote, and it is not too late from home, should be convenient for family and friends to attend the wedding. If new overall budget shortfalls, it doesn't have to be dinner party at the Grand Hotel, nice restaurant you can choose. Hotel restaurant scene as much as, but the same amount of food and materials, the price is a lot cheaper. In addition, we also have to look whether there is parking or valet parking. Wedding space to be independent and arrangement on the overall feel, and partly to avoid wedding held in the same place, eat the wrong wedding appears relatives or sent to the wrong red of embarrassment.

table:  wedding wedding photography studio in Shenzhen two days before to reconfirm

calculate the number of wedding banquet table was new and the troubling thing, order more waste, booking fewer guests had nowhere to sit, very rude. In General, the couple can be calculated according to the released wedding invitation hit 80 percent-85 percent to, say, 300, in the presence of guests is approximately 240 to 255 people.

specific time and place of the wedding as soon as possible to inform friends and family, two days before the wedding and then one by one to confirm, so as not to book the location couldn't create unnecessary waste. In order to avoid the embarrassment of sitting down, better than the final number of extra tables to allow for unforeseen circumstances.

dishes: key to let guests eat

wedding prices, capital of 488-1488 Yuan/table, usually a table of feasts in 600-1000 better. Sometimes, less expensive menus may not be cost-effective, because some of the high price of the menus, relatively larger added value, such as free wedding bands, offer festive cakes, wedding God wedding programs, providing audio, microphone, stage, credit and other services.

Note When ordering, try to choose a less expensive and inexpensive dishes, another is to reduce the number of dishes, if you let guests eat, they don't mind how many dishes or dishes how fancy it is.

want to buy their own drinks, can also bring their own seeds, candy, tea for early guests enjoyed, it can save a lot of money. Candy Company can choose a reputable wedding for you to purchase candy, wedding candy are ex-factory price of the factory of the company, variety, and responsible for product delivery. If you find malls near my home candy promotions, and can also be purchased.

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