Teaches you to rescue the bride wedding flower makeup tips 4, can not miss Oh

Attention brides is the wedding of lead, but after the wedding after the toss, flower makeup always occurs, what can you do? Can't lose Oh, small series teaches you save 4 small flower makeup tips, but don't miss it.

eye shadow powder sticks to the lower eyelid

       SOS Tip: never use the powder residue, we recommend using a soft brush from cheek side fast swipe up and thinly coated with a layer of concealer.

        prevention tips: before applying eye shadow on the lower lid apply the concealer, if dirty, can easily brush away. Or eye shadow, below with a paper towel pad. In addition, may wish to choose the fine powder eyeshadow, color on not only good will in no way "dregs".

        makeup a little bit dirty

       SOS skills: the oil parts clean with a paper towel, gently rub a small amount of Foundation or swipe the face powder. Fixed face makeup, brighten skin, remember to always mist with a water spray.

        prevention tips: the Foundation carefully wipe cream before, hit bottom with special makeup products such as milk, makeup will be more durable.

  Nail Polish Flake

       SOS flower makeup tips: If mottled Nail Polish not stripping, home and washing water is not found, then had to use Nail Polish patch. A more thorough method is: covered with thick layer of Nail Polish, wipe off with a paper towel after 10 seconds. Shenzhen Studios this way can put the nail polish is also removed, now you can coat the new.

        Prevention tip: spend a little more time, you will get unexpected result: Nail Polish before Mao a layer of base and top coat, then coated with a layer of light oil. Do not nail is not easy to peel, use brightly colored Nail Polish when they don't need to worry about color pollution, two birds with one stone!

        forgot to bring my lipstick

       SOS tips: lip color is almost bare, lips still remain (often happen when you eat), please, put on moisturizing lip balm or multi-function cream bars of color from the edge to the entire lip lip.

        prevention tips: lip liner not only outline the contours of the lips, the entire lip with lip liner coated it again. This lip color off, nor embarrassed.

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