Seven events caused married couples

couples are common in life, no matter how much you love each other, no matter how well you get along, still friction between the couple. However, this does not mean that the end of the world coming, unless you find yourself in addition to fight has got other things to do. Nobody wants a relationship built on the argument, the best you can on some common factors that cause couples to know in our hearts, and to find ways to solve these problems before they occur.

1.  money

money is the biggest culprit caused quarrels between husband, for many reasons: you may not have enough money, so when when pinched, it is easy (very understandable) feel aggrieved by the other party. Can also be shared between husband and wife as property or financial independence, and party with the other party's money, and so on.      Of course, wedding photography in Shenzhen nets to prevent money becoming sensitive problems between the couple, the best method is to enhance communication and exchanges.

2.  sex

sex is the wedding photography in Shenzhen network are important factors of friction among couples, it can cause tension between couples, and then inevitably lead to quarrel or fight with. Questions about sex a lot, mainly because both their ideas about sex differences. So instead of arguing for sex, it is better to sit down and talk. However, wedding photography network the best solution is simply to have sex, amazing experience as possible.  Intimacy is an important part of any relationship, and have sex with someone you love to experience more than just passion, but that a close.

3.  experience

sometimes, some people in the past and it will affect the relationship of each pair, you may have will be attached to each other to do something, and vice versa. Despite of what happened in the past may have important implications for now, but you can't live in the past forever.  You can talk to each other, do everything possible to solve, but to note do not make each other feel awkward.

4.  predecessors

couples because her ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend wrangling is common. Other former male and female friends may reappear in the other half of your life, or your significant other might be in your heart – a relationship before this possibility are endless. Shenzhen wedding photography network if such a thing happens, you two should talk, but the more important thing is to ensure people maintain an appropriate distance. You can become friends with your ex-boyfriend, but if you can draw your partner will not be too nervous.

5.  House

housework is the most ordinary husband and wife quarrel is one of the most common topics. Wedding photography in Shenzhen nets of about housework the often disputed, but there are often occur. Tell each other the best solution is to understand your expectations and rely on spouses to cooperate in completing household chores. Make a plan, so that both sides understand each other what to charge, and what are the sides together.


work is also a big problem, but also due to many reasons. You may be dissatisfied with the other spends too much time at work, and vice versa. You may want to go out to work, or maybe you want to have more time to rest.  Shenzhen wedding photography network to solve these problems the only way is to tell each other what you think, but these ideas fair reality.

7. the children

this question even to couples who had no children. However, wedding photography network for many couples with children, the children are the root cause of their quarrel. It is not fair to them. Couples often have different ways and ideas to educate children, tried to sympathize with and understand each other's ideas is the key to solve the problem. Childless couples often want children, when children in conflict on issues such as when compromises are most important.

of course, the cause of quarrel between husband and also there are many, but these can be called is the culprit, you often can see that every couple will argue over these issues, although the reasons are different. And the other half when frictions and how you solved it?

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