Pregnant bride must see: seven types of foods most beneficial to fetus

Maternity is a special stage in life, wisdom give birth to a healthy baby, and each pregnant woman's greatest wish. Scientific choice of food is not only beneficial to the mother's health, better for fetal development.

best anti-vomiting food

morning sickness is the most sad maternity is one of the most common reactions, cause considerable suffering for pregnant women. Choose proper food for pregnant women to have good anti-spitting, nutritionists think, lemon and potato contains vitamins, is particularly suitable for maternity.

best baotai vegetables

spinach is rich in folic acid content of up to 350 micrograms of folic acid per 100 grams of spinach, ranked first in vegetables. Folic acid, the most important function of protecting the fetus from spinal cord split, hydrocephalus, brain and other nervous system malformations are victims. Shenzhen wedding photography experts advocated early pregnancy within two months of eating spinach or taking folic acid tablets. Meanwhile, spinach in a large number of b vitamins can also prevent maternal pelvic infections, depression, insomnia and other common pregnancy complication.

best beverage

trace elements in green tea is a "bonanza" on fetal development raised zinc is one of them. According to the determination, under the same recipe, drink green tea pregnant women every day than those who don't drink more intake of zinc up to 14 mg, in addition to green tea containing iron is more fruitful, so drinking green tea regularly can prevent anemia.

best anti premature food

Denmark expert studies show that eating fish has a role to prevent preterm birth.

the best snacks

pregnant women in addition to dinner, have a small snack may broaden the supply of nutrients. Experts recommend taking some seeds, such as sunflower seeds, watermelon seeds, pumpkin seeds, etc.

best sour food

pregnant woman is often interested in sour foods, while pregnant women eat there good acid.

but pregnant women eat savory foods to pay attention to food choices. Hawthorn nutritional assault, but may speed up contractions, miscarriage, and so pregnant women best "at arm's length". Bayberry, cherry, grape, Orange, and so on are acid supplementation, and pregnant women should be eating.

best food delivery

need to have sufficient force for women during childbirth, and productivity comes from the food, when the chocolate is the best in all kinds of foods, United States obstetricians said it was the best food delivery.

nutrition rich chocolate, more heat, such as 100 g sugar 50 g of chocolate, and within a short time and can be absorbed and quickly converted into heat, 5 times of chocolate digestive absorption rate for eggs, are in urgent need of the heat's mother is "relief crisis." The women in labor to eat a few pieces of chocolate, is expected to shorten the duration of labor, babies.

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