Please take a look at: married to Miriam has a big life change

Previously, she is the most famous "produced" sing all our female self, now, her concert is called " Maison de la VANILLE La Maison de la VANILLE dies & Gentleman", Husband Ding Zigao also guest appeared in titbits of the concert, "I am Ladies, Shenzhen Photography Studio my husband is of course the Gentleman, it was this concert idea. "She always put honey in his mouth," there was willful, because still there are many youth, now the national people's Congress, were married, they learn to be more inclusive and tolerant. "The Studio is in line with the Centaur claim Shenzhen" live, work hard to chase the dream, take the time to experience. "

Shenzhen Studio Entertainment: married the feeling of standing on the stage with a single when different?

Miriam YEUNG: physical difference (laughs), but you are right, Photo Studio in Shenzhen from bachelorhood to marriage is a big change in my life, my mind actually changes very much, such as the singing of the maiden's prayer, when sung with really different now, psychological level and feelings are different. Now when I am singing on stage, put feelings a few transitions.

Shenzhen Studio Entertainment: you used to be "produced" (Miriam YEUNG has a song called number) Ah, feel your love is more intense.

Miriam YEUNG: there is a cause and effect. Yiqian sing produced is a treatment himself of method, Shenzhen photography work room told himself must to variable powerful, because I is "produced" I must to brave, but these actually are is himself reminded himself just, himself can cannot do is addition thing, because sing produced of when I to proved to others see, this State is can of, so actually is a causal of relationship.

Shenzhen Studio Entertainment is married now, feeling milder?

Miriam YEUNG: less extreme. Studio two people living in Shenzhen is different from a person's life, and now own more objectively, learn tolerance and patience. As Remy said, will take life to think about to experience. Used to do is cut the Gordian knot, will calm down now make it clear that two people live is to balance each other, now do everything I wanted to know, after all, not a person.

focus on family life

before a person's life into two families of the day, Miriam also knows the family gossip, know how to get along with her mother-in-law, and more laughing grass color lofty says: "now the Macau Hong Kong all know I hate BB! But this year is too late. "Shenzhen Studio but she brought the whole family to support her concerts in Macau, estimated her she does not plan to have a baby this year also lacks comments," because my mother-in-law is very easy to get along with. "Ding is too proud to say.

Shenzhen Studio Entertainment: How do you stay at home wife?

Miriam: Oh, empty will buy food to Cook, Photography Studio in Shenzhen this year tried to challenge my husband's favorite   Shanghai   three-course dishes. But from before, is now watching TV, before I was not watching, dinner with the family will watch TV now, and will be talking with the TV content, Photo Studio in Shenzhen it feels quite warm. Now had to focus on family life, and know to take into account the feelings of all, want to greet their elders. Previously did not know, now pay attention!

Shenzhen Studio Entertainment: the usual told her husband what a common interest?

Miriam YEUNG: a drink with him, Shenzhen Studios used to know him, he began to drink red wine, so I really study wine, drank Remy Martin or something like that. (All you wine was destined, before taking of the cups are not drunk. ) Because of drink and talk easier, hahaha. And wine merchant is in the entertainment industry they are indispensable! (Laughs) but now drink less, drink herbal body.

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