Lin teaches you pregnancy fetal fat people fat, pregnant brides can learn from

Kelly Lin after the end of March with an American husband married Jody in the Maldives, a brand skin care products in Hong Kong to attend the Conference in recent days has frankly admitted was 3 months pregnant, due at the end of, but denied that it was the "shotgun", said learned of the pregnancy after marriage, and expressed its intention to have two children. Kelly Lin in waist loose straps low cut dresses of the day, Wei apparently exploded. Although overall pregnancy tastes quite strong, but has been able to see some signs of pregnancy.

skin has become the mother of Lin is still shiny, arms still slender. How did celebrities do "fat tire fat people"? Hot MOM Michelle Reis had announced before her pregnancy nutrition diet, but we can also steal it!

breakfast: two eggs (only one egg yolk), whole-grain bread, carrot + Apple Juice;

lunch: pasta, cheese + yellow green vegetable salad, a fish, strawberry/Kiwi fruit desserts;

dinner: beef meat cut into thin slices to control weight, plenty of green vegetables, oxtail soup of nutrition.

in addition, because pregnancy can also cause stress, so sometimes occasionally eat your favorite foods, but beware the right amount.

postpartum weight loss Tips:

1. during the postpartum confinement food to balanced nutrition, not too much tonic. This is because after the production, your body still weak, blind tonic at this time, not only do no good to the body, can also cause obesity in the future. Shenzhen wedding photography concept according to the right, first row of Lochia, after blood, proper, there are supplements.   Month after eating low fat, high protein food intake as much as possible, such as skinless chicken, beef, pork, fish, abalone, sea cucumbers, etc. In addition, to coincide with the month food and medicinal use.

2. in addition to a healthy diet, postpartum weight loss should also be appropriate to do some low-intensity exercise, such as walking, postpartum yoga, and so on, to rebuild muscles, build a more compact and slim.

3. no matter how bad, remember that after production must tie belt, sagging abdominal lift, shaping, this is your doctor will give you advice. Tie and belt can also prevent abdominal ptosis and sagging skin, fade stretch marks.

4. shadow postpartum should stick to breast-feeding. Believe that many mothers have experienced expansion of milk and gets bitten by the baby pacifier, or chapped nipples pain, but even to keep feeding this thing to the end. Shenzhen wedding photography because it's not only good for your baby's growth and can let you burn up stored fat during pregnancy. It has been calculated that produce milk can be consumed every day you 500~800 calories, which is equivalent to swim 2 hours a day!  

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