In China, the common characteristic of the happy family: what has the following

Childlike innocence

many people did not understand the middle and old aged people like to dance, sing and dance, and even described as "mentally ill". Wedding photography at Lo Wu people ignore heart unfailing increases   more   life. In fact, only innocence does not vanish, Permanent Mission of youth, love is timeless, so it is best to keep a little innocence, purity, and have a little hobby, curiosity and play games. Both are middle-aged or elderly, as "gentleman", back home, gate pass is best when big boy.


pay much attention to the actual Chinese families, and the lack of romance. Maybe someone with the question "after a long day of work, household chores, family, why not go for a walk? "Replied:" I am tired ". However these said "very tired" people for a moment on the base of "Quartet", and even all night long all night playing mahjong. Obviously, if romance is the key to having romantic feelings. Do not think that romance is endless flowers, dancing, do not think that there is no time, no money, no romance. Wedding photography at Lo Wu you know, romance is in the form of colorful and varied.  


many as slick likes to joke and act with unreliable, at Lo Wu control point between husband and wife wedding photography believe that speeches should emphasize, don't pay attention to talk art. As everyone knows, talk humor can defuse buffer conflicts and disputes, eliminating embarrassment and estrangement, spice things up with emotion, let the family happy.


many couples often intimate for the sticky gunk, explaining "no intimacy in public" is not frivolous. But experts found that making to improve the quality of family life for hours at Lo Wu control point wedding photography has a great role, and a chronic lack of hugging and kissing people prone to "skin hunger" and, thus, feelings of hunger. Therefore, family life merit in more intimate Act. For example, a grown up daughter, still holding his father's hand; couples hugging and kissing before she went out at Lo Wu control point wedding photography; come back late, may wish to Pat kick on the other side of the "ass", and so on.

love words

psychologists say: every day between the spouses have to say to each other at least three sentences or more emotional words, such as "I'm in love with you", "I like your strong points." However, many people too much attention to the implicit, wedding photography at Lo Wu people "love" on the lips, are said to be shallow, it is disgusting. Many Chinese couples prefer a spouse embodies love in meticulous and attentive care. It is of course true, but if the only action, no   love  , will give people "only main dish, no product" defects of perception?


often hear couples one side says in the film: "I'd like to talk to you! "Therefore, the two sides will find a chance to upset heart emptied out. Wedding photography at Lo Wu and Chinese marital unhappiness repressed views, in their hearts, do not say, it was renamed "good tempered, cultivated". In fact, blocking can only lead to misunderstanding each other deepens, repressed for a long time is equal to the volume of malignant energies, once the outbreak, more damage. From time to time, some couples usually get along well once the quarrel over old scores, things jump out old matters, and "war" upgrade, contradictions, and some even lead to pair. Normal practice is to strengthen communication, opinion, unpleasant to say it should be sincere, modest, tactful, and often know each other have any idea. Noisy quarrel is not necessarily a bad thing, after all, it is also a means of communication, don't only fight over old scores, not personal attacks.


people often look at their children enjoy, so I think "child is good"; and because a critical eye to see a spouse, so I always think my wife (husband) is a very good. For example, a party devoted to bashing at work, wedding photography at Lo Wu and the other party can enjoy: "his (her) ambition! "Can also be blamed:" nothing in my heart! "It means, to assess the same things in a different perspective, the conclusion will be different. If you can count the spouse without hesitation many shortcomings, then, you probably lack of appreciation eye. If you the advantages of face to face, behind only spouses, then you learned to love, and be able to gain the love.

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