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I'm a rural people, from high school to College, providing wedding photography studio in Shenzhen is its own complete. In 2005, I got to know her, when we all have male and female friends. Until 2009, when she and I met in Wuhan, Shenzhen wedding photography studio and then fall in love.

she was an only child, many things are always a little bit stronger, I from the nuclear family is not complete, dull character, fate. A lot of things I don't care for it, she asked married wedding photography studio in Shenzhen, I'm not sure I do. My thinking is, if it comes, that I was going to say Yes. But my attitude makes her feel distressed.

in May this year, I quit my job and her, ready to go to a new company. Shenzhen wedding photography studio she is very aggressive and always wanted to pursue some interests, on the one hand and the old company; and on the other hand the new company bargaining. I did not ask about these things. She accused me of has been lukewarm. I just say, no need to get so tired. This became the starting point of our argument, I do not like arguments, one out. By the time I get back, she has decided to go home.

I began to realize that he was wrong, indifferent to all things from the very beginning, made her shudder. I arrived at her home, she told me to break up, and she said if my temper can change, would have changed--are right in fact, she said, a person like me, is not meant to favor women?


don't be so pessimistic. Even if you don't like, or at least 6 years has had two girlfriends, Shenzhen wedding photography studio one, and wants to marry you, it means you got a market.

do you have a prominent selling point, Shenzhen Wedding Photography Studio is everything, I care not, like, in stark contrast with your girlfriend – you know, masters turned people like her who are nervous all day activities, nerves without relaxing. When she meets you, your relaxing scattered became her haven, paradise resort, give her peace, let her rest, made her want to settle from your side.

However, resort-style love is doomed to short. Most people after the holiday, will return to the original world struggle. At this point you have two choices, or wedding photography studio in Shenzhen to meet another woman on holiday, or keep up with her, together with her fight. Shenzhen Wedding Photography Studio you want to go on with her life partner, couldn't get her a man pushed to the front, but he hid behind her.

Unfortunately, you do this shady characters. Wanted to continue to be a relaxing vacation, it refuses to look for a guest wants to relax. Both would like to continue to follow her, refused to inject a little for myself-urban tension and positive. Referring to marry, you procrastinators, bargain go hours and above, all on your own, such as her, and finally forced her to have to leave.

in fact, few resort living all my life, because it couldn't afford. Likewise, too pale, passive men, most women cannot afford to marry Wedding Photography Studio.

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